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Page updated July 17th, 2000

Polyhedron Computer Services : Established 1971. Polyhedron Computer Services provides computer consulting to businesses and individuals. Services include: Website design, production, and maintenance; purchase advice; data recovery; file conversion between Macintosh and DOS / Windows computers; installation of upgrades; and development and maintenance of custom software.

Jay Brandt is the Chief Technical Officer of the Polyhedron Group, and does most of the work for Polyhedron Computer Services. He has been working professionally with computers since 1971, when he founded and managed Computa-Link Co., a software development company with a staff of 3 to 12 programmers. He is trained as a programmer, a hardware repair manager, and a systems analyst. Although he specializes in Macintosh systems, he is also familiar with DOS, Windows, Windows NT and UNIX.

For more on Jay's experience and qualifications, check out Jay's Portfolio.

Computer Humor :

Looking for a good Laugh? Check out Jay's favorite on-line comic strip "Kevin and Kell", by Bill Holbrook.

Kevin: A rabbit down on the luck his foot was supposed to provide. Kell: A lovely, lonely, widowed she-wolf. They meet in an online chat room, fall in love, and marry -- with children -- into a wild kingdom where domestication is the secret shame, tree limbs are rental properties, birds are public servants, and the computers are just as troublesome.

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