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Page updated September 6th, 1999

Jason Magnus Productions : Established 1970. Jason Magnus Productions is a theatrical booking agent for magic and juggling shows for any occasion, by Jason Magnus. We create one-of-a-kind, custom-made costumes for theatrical performances and reenactment groups. We can also provide technical assistance on theater arts, sound lighting, and pyrotechnics and other special effects.

Jay Brandt has been performing stage magic as "Jason Magnus" since 1970. While still in high school he was performing at banquets and parties. He has been a member of the Portland Society of Magicians (Portland, Oregon), and the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. He has performed in several countries around the world, and on four continents. From Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to Panama City in Panama, and from San Francisco, CA, USA to Palma de Majorca, Spain, audiences have been thrilled and amazed with his sleight of hand, escape acts and small scale illusions. Jay is also a skilled woodworker and craftsman, and can build a variety of magic props for other magicians. He has worked in Radio as an announcer and on stage as a master of ceremonies, and has an excellent voice for working with or without a microphone.

Laurie Brandt is a graduate of the Portland Junior Civic Theater school, and has an Associate degree in TV Production and Broadcast from Mt. Hood Community College. Her skills include acting, directing, and backstage management. She is also a skilled seamstress, and can design and make theatrical costumes and everyday clothing.

Both Jay and Laurie can set up and run theatrical lighting and sound systems. They have also designed and helped with the effects for a number of "haunted houses", including making latex prosthetics for specialty makeup (horns, scars, etc.).

Rates for services :

Magic Shows :
  • 30 minute birthday party (magic and juggling). A small present (provided in advance by the host) can be magically presented to the guest of honor. - $60.00
  • Roving performance - Add color to your reunion, party or other event by having a Magician / Juggler walking about and entertaining your guests. $30 per hour, minimum 2 hours.
  • Master of Ceremonies - Are you doing a talent show or some other multi-act performance on stage? Have a professional announcer introduce them! Adds a lot to any stage show. $60.00, or $90.00 with some small magic effects between acts.
  • Trade Show - Have a Magician / Juggler at your booth at a trade show or exposition, to attract attention and draw customers to your booth. Pater and props can be adapted to include your product or company information (minimum $30 set up fee for custom props). $30 per hour while at show. Minimum 8 hours. Ask Jay for a free estimate.

Costume / clothing design and tailoring :

  • Depending on the difficulty and whether or not a custom pattern needs to be made, the rate is $8.00 to $12.00 per hour. Please speak to Laurie for a free estimate.
  • For a fee, we can also shop for the materials for you. The rate for this service is cost of materials plus 10 percent, plus 30 cents per mile in 10-mile increments.

Other services :

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