Bear Paw Woodworks Furniture Catalog

Updated August 28th, 2001

Portable benches and forms
(A "form" is a short bench, while a form with shorter legs is a "stool")
Made from 3/4" cabinet grade plywood. (Looks like edge-glued boards) SEE PHOTOS
Unfinished means : Ready to use as-is. Has no stain or paint to protect the wood. Sanded and ready for you to paint, stain or decorate.
Finished means : We apply your choice of finish prior to delivery. Usually a stain for color plus two clear semi gloss coats to seal and weatherproof the wood.

Standard Bench
Item 48B

$45 unfinished, $75 finished

11.5" x 48" bench, 18" high

Form -
Item 24F

$45 unfinished, $75 finished

11.5" x 24" bench, 18" high
(1/2 the standard 48" length)

Form -
Item 16F

$45 unfinished, $75 finished

11.5" x 16" bench, 18" high
(1/3 the standard 48" length)

Unfortunately, although shorter benches do use less materials, the amount of work required to make one is identical to what it takes to make a 48" bench. Labor is most of the cost, so the price is the same, regardless of shorter length.

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